Tech Specs


The Merrell Center is equipped to handle all of your event’s audio needs in both the arena and meeting spaces. Our arena is fitted with a 32-channel soundboard capable of receiving audio from locations throughout the building and then reproducing it via a state-of-the-art amplification system that provides crystal-clear audio configurable to serve floor and upper-level seating, key outer concourse areas and video monitors located in high visibility areas. We maintain a wide variety of supplemental audio equipment such as mixers, specialty microphones, stage monitors, small-area PA systems and computer audio interfaces that can be provided as needed to assure the success of your event. Should your concert or theatrical event require additional sound reinforcement, lighting, haze or other outside production services, our staff will work closely with your chosen production company to seamlessly integrate their equipment into the existing Merrell Center rigging, power, audio and control systems.


The Merrell Center is able to fulfill all of today’s demanding communication needs by offering wireless Internet access throughout the building, wired network access for streaming and other high-bandwidth needs, ISDN circuits for radio broadcast and high capacity telephone service via central-office/VOIP lines. For in-house communication between key personnel, we have an extensive inventory of two-way radios supplemented by a dual channel distributed intercom system featuring both wired and wireless belt packs.


The Merrell Center can serve all your visual needs with a wide variety of services designed to enhance the overall look and feel of your event. Our custom image-magnification (IMAG) video packages will display your event speakers and presentations on our fixed location high-resolution 10' X 13.5' LED displays. Depending on the seating configuration you choose, your video presentation may be further enhanced by 12,000 lumen projectors displaying your event on 9' X 12' screens either suspended above the floor or ground-supported in flexible locations throughout the arena. Other video services include live streaming to the Internet, archival copies of your IMAG event, local display of PowerPoint presentations or other computer generated content, custom graphics displayed on 60’ LED ribbon boards located high in the arena and broadcast of your event on monitors strategically located throughout the building. Public events can achieve additional attendance and exposure via messages displayed on our outdoor marquee (located adjacent to one of Katy’s highest traffic intersections) and highlighting of your event on the Merrell Center’s web page.


The Merrell Center maintains a wide variety of industry-standard theatrical lighting fixtures that may be used in conjunction with dimmers and lighting controllers situated in key areas of the arena. Custom lighting plans are available and designed to highlight lecterns, keynote speakers, stages, centerpieces or other important visual aspects of your event. We also offer follow-spots and operators for those events requiring less structured lighting. Standard lighting in the arena is served by independent banks of metal-halide sports lighting, incandescent house lighting and fluorescent lighting for seating areas.


The Merrell Center is equipped with industry-standard 400 amp and 200 amp 3-phase 208/120V disconnects near the northwest corner of the arena to accommodate production sound and lighting or to provide power for your trade show style event. An additional 200 amp disconnect is available near the center line of the arena floor on the east side to further facilitate making your event a success. Our extensive inventory of power distribution solutions means that we can meet the demands of any event, large or small!

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